Cylinder Lock

Single Cylinder

From “outside”, the standard cylinder can only be opened or closed with an authorized transponder. From the “inside” you do not need a transponder to open the door. This cylinder ensures perfect access and time management.


Dual cylinder SLS63

The dual cylinder can be opened or closed from both sides with authorized transponders – is particularly suitable for transit doors.



Knob Cylinder SLS66

The one-knob cylinder can be opened and closed from one side with an authorized transponder – ideal for organizational purposes.



Half Cylinder LS65

The semi-cylinder is opened and closed from one side with transponder – ideal for key switches or organizational purposes.





Comfort Cylinder SLS72

The comfort cylinder can be closed from the outside, ie from the transponder side, without a transponder. To open the door, an authorized transponder is required as with the standard cylinder.



Freewheel Cylinder SLS64

The free knob cylinder is opened or closed from one side with an authorized transponder, while the inner knob is without function – ideal for safety purposes.



Panic Cylinder – for all variations

All variations of the cylinder can also be optionally equipped with a panic function.