ELOCK One system, many options.

Our experience with mechanical locking systems has shown us that in this area, many improvements were possible and necessary. As a result ELOCK has designed a completely new locking systems to make your life and work with key systems safer, easier, more convenient and economical. ELOCK has replaced the traditional mechanical lock with a new digital technology with new access and control features.


ELOCK is a manufacturer of RF-ID systems, NFC reader and electronic lock systems.

ELOCK is a member of the ISO standard.

ELOCK is the technology leader of the rapidly growing market for digital, battery-operated locking and online access control systems.

ELOCK has already installed more than 20,000 systems and has more than 200,000 users worldwide.

A single secure transponder keys or mobile NFC becomes the “all-in-one” solution for doors, gates, elevators, turnstiles to desk drawers.

Elock 2

ELOCK has an extensive experience working with medium sized companies, corporations, laboratories, institutions, hospitals, banks and ministries.

ELOCK uses RFID systems and identification media and provides

  • access control systems
  • time systems
  • attendance systems

The locking and access control system ELOCK combines mechanical and electronic components together.

Elock 3

ELOCK‘s flexible and customized technology provides different functions, such as:

  • access control
  • recording
  • logging
  • control
  • monitoring functions.

All this features can be managed from one easy-to-use and convenient software which enables easy and quick changes.