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Kale Locks was founded by Sadık Özgür in 1953 and since then, the company has become a powerful player in the Turkish economy due to its manufacturing, employment and export figures.

Mr. Özgür began his career in a workshop in Tahtakale where he produced metal bed frames and gas stoves. It was during a particularly difficult period in the Turkish economy that he was able to create the first locally manufactured locks.

The high standards of workmanship of the locks ensured that they were soon in popular demand. In 1957, the workshop moved to a new facility measuring 1640 m2 on the Eski Londra Asfaltı road in Bahçelievler. Production continued with increased numbers of employees and machinery which culminated in the establishment of Kale Kollektif Şirketi in 1958.

At that time, the company had successfully begun to manufacture padlocks and new investments lead to the company’s growth. The company was re-named Kale Madeni Eşya Fabrikası in 1963 followed by the manufacturing of Turkey’s firstsafe lock in 1965.

The first Turkish company to export locks

With its mission statement revolving around customer focused production and service, high standards of business ethics and principles based on honesty, Kale Madeni Eşya Fabrikası became the first Turkish company to export locks in 1974 thus promoting its principles of quality, trust and guarantee on a worldwide basis.

Kale Kilit (Kale Locks) expanded its export markets within a short period of time and just as in Turkey, the company succeeded in becoming a leading lock brand worldwide.

Faced with increasing demand, the company moved to its current premises measuring 35.000 m2 in Güngören where Kale Kilit ve Kalıp Sanayi A.Ş. was established as the first integrated technological lock factory.


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  1. chukwuma okolo says:

    I like your kale kilit product.

  2. Edwin Cassar says:

    If the battery of the lock needs to be changed can I replace it myself and how?

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