Means latch lock

Control the central latch with the following components:- Transponder
– Smartphone
– Pressure mat
– Motion detector
– EC-Card Reader
– Iris scanners
– Photocell
– Secret Code Terminal
– Mechanical profile cylinder

V1 – Single sided digital – M9

From “outside” the door can only be accessed with an authorized transponder key. From “inside”, the door can be opened at any time by simply pressing the door button (panic function).

The new push-button and self-locking panic lock offers high security and comfort. The force transmission of the latching catches is no longer effected via the cylinder, but via the push-button actuation. As soon as the door falls, the self-locking system automatically engages. This innovative and future-oriented lock technology is suitable for conventional locks.

Digital on both sides – M9D

The door can only be opened from both sides with an authorized transponder. Suitable for public connecting and transit doors. An opening through a mechanical profile cylinder is also possible.




Wireless & digital – M6

The ELOCK2 central lock can be intelligently and safely controlled by all existing access controls, such as fingerprint readers, iris detectors, camera systems and many other components. The wireless module FM83, which is mounted close to the door, can control the M6 central locking latch wirelessly through the contact of a third system.


Mechanical – M1E

The mechanical lock M1E with panic function E has a continuous push-button nut and therefore requires an exchange fitting (inside handle, outside knob / handle bar or panic handle).