Mortise Lock

V1 – Mechanical automatic lock

For doors with motorized door openers in combination with other systems, e.g. Intercoms. The front door is always closed by day and night.




V2 – Digital automatic lock for line art opener

Can be combined with other systems via line art opener. The door can be opened by a signal via the line type opener.




V3 – Electric lock for external applications

Control by the potential-free contact of the existing system. Can be combined with existing access control, intercom system, electronic number locks, biometric systems and time controls.




V4 – Digital automatic lock with access control

From “outside” the door can only be accessed with an authorized transponder key. From “inside” the door can be opened at any time by simply pressing the door latch (panic function).




V5 – Digital automatic lock with emergency function

The door can be opened from both sides only with a valid transponder. In the case of an amok alarm, additional blocking functions can be activated automatically (see separate data sheet “Amok Security in Schools”).




V6 – Radio automatic lock for external applications

Reliable mechanical self-sealing in combination with additional interfaces. Control functions can be triggered and communicated with other systems (existing access control, intercom, electronic numbers, biometric systems and time controls).