SB3100 A

SB3100 A

Product Description

  • Dimension according to according to the user engages
  • Adjustable shelving system
  • Lockable inner cupboard.
  • According to DIN norms folders depth, such as features are  taken into consideration.

Our Office safe line is produced in accordance with EN 1143-1 standard and also
All the measures have been taken against the methods used in theft case.

  • Safe is supported by steel curtains and coated with a special concrete 70 mm thick.
  • The lock is protected in a special way affected by external impacts.
  • Even the 4-way bolt system( one fixed, other three moving) and the hinges  are interrupted , the possibility of opening  has been eliminated.
  • 1 hour fire resistant to 1000 degrees and during this time the safe prevents    money, paper and other important documents from being burned out.
  • Special wicks are used on cover and joint points of the body against heat and    water leaks.
  • Theft and fire protection provides superior strength with special  concrete filling  used in the wall of  safe.
  • As an optional , the part of cover can be strengthened against the oxygen cutting  at maximum level.