• Single Embossed Doors
  • Double Embossed Doors
  • Laser Cut Doors
  • Straight Panel Doors
  • Charisma Door Models
  • Private Villa Entrance Doors
  • Building Entrance Doors
  • Emergency Exit Doors

2 Responses to DOORS

  1. Marco Gauci says:

    I want to replace the entrance door to my home.
    Can you please forward me a list with the type of entrance door and their prices ?

    • kartalmalta says:

      Dear Marco ,In our website we have the doors picture . And about the price standard security doors are starting from euro 1400.00 + VAT goes up the pants on the size of the door you need and which model you go for !!! Is best for you to visit our shop in 105 Naxxar Raod San Gwann .From 9 am till 12.30 pm and from 4 pm till 7 pm Saturday only till 12 .30 pm . Regards

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