Tube frame lock

Mechanical automatic tube frame lock – SLS R1

Tube frame lock R1 has a continuous push nut and therefore requires a change fitting (inside handle or panic handle bar, outside knob or handle bar).




For line art opener – SLS R2

Can be combined with other systems via line art opener. The door can be opened by a signal via the line opener.




For external connections (network) – SLS R3

The automatic tube frame lock for external connections offers new possibilities for the integration of escape, fire and smoke protection doors to existing access control or building management system.



With access control – SLS R4 Digital tube frame lock with RFID access control
Mount the reading antenna above the door latch. Easy to use with the transponder key
Ergonomic operation of the antenna with visual and acoustic feedback.
The ELOCK2 automatic tube frame lock is basic
Always open from the inside (also without transponder key).


With emergency function – SLS R5

The ELOCK2 automatic frame lock must always be opened from the inside (even without a transponder key). The lock can be locked from the inside by finger pressure on the emergency button against access from the outside.



For external connections – SLS R6

Can be combined with existing access control, intercom system, electronic numbers, biometric systems and time controls. This is controlled by a spark signal by the potential-free contact of a third system.